Implemented August 2020

The safety and well-being of our guests and team is our top priority.

The Secret Feast has adopted the processes and practices contained in this policy document and a detailed Risk Assessment (available to all guests, employees and our extended team of suppliers) to ensure a safe environment and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Important General Guidance

If you have any of the following symptoms, please do not attend The Secret Feast:

  • Continuous cough
  • High temperature
  • Shortness of breath


All our pods are booked and paid for via our online system.

We are unable to accept ‘walk-in’ guests at The Secret Feast.

Payments and Ordering

All pods are equipped with a unique QR code that allows guests to place orders for drinks directly with the bar, which will then be delivered to the pod by the dedicated pod host. Guests are encouraged to pay by card and to avoid cash wherever possible.

Arrivals and Departures

The Secret Feast site is mostly outdoors and so we are well-placed to ensure that distancing around the venue takes place. We have, however, introduced several other safety-measures, which are detailed below.

  • We have a one-way system in place throughout the site. Signage will be in place to remind guests of social distancing measures. If you are attending with children, please encourage them to follow the site requirements and avoid them moving around the site apart from arriving, leaving and using the facilities.
  • Upon arrival, pod groups will have a dedicated space to socially distance, which is under cover. We have streamlined and speeded-up the process of taking guests to their pods and have introduced dedicated hosts for each pod.
  • All guests will be asked to sanitise their hands upon entry into their pod.
  • Departures will be managed by the pod hosts to ensure that guests have plenty of space to walk through the outdoor area to the exit.

Enhanced Cleaning Processes

Our pods mean that guests need not come in to contact with any other guests on site, however we have put the following additional measures in place around the site:

Pod Cleaning

  • Each pod has access to hand sanitiser
  • In between sittings, the pods are fully opened-up to be cleaned
  • All furniture and decor are cleaned thoroughly after each sitting
  • All linens are replaced after each sitting

Our Kitchen

Our catering partners already adhere to the strictest of hygiene requirements. Relevant to Covid-19:

  • All staff have been trained in how to deal with both drinks and food relating to Covid-19
  • All crockery and glassware will be washed at the compliant temperatures
  • We have put in place one-way systems in all areas to manage the flow of employees moving around workplaces and to allow social distancing rules to be met
  • Our kitchen and food preparation area has an open side to reduce the amount of contact with doors and improve workplace ventilation


  • Toilets will be checked/cleaned every 20 minutes
  • Hand sanitiser will be available rather than soap to also limit the use of having to touch towel dispensers and hand blowers.
  • A deep clean will take place after every sitting


All immersive performances at The Secret Feast take place outside of the pods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Covid policy? Our Covid-19 policy can be viewed on our website.

Do I need to wear a facemask at The Secret Feast? We are following government guidance on face masks, and they therefore are not mandatory whilst attending our restaurant.

Will your employees be using PPE?  Where appropriate to the role, employees will be using PPE.  All employees have been given the option of wearing PPE whilst working at The Secret Feast.

Are you using guards or separators? Because we have followed all mandatory government guidelines and our pods are distanced, we have not needed to separate tables with Perspex screening.

Are you accepting cash payments? We are asking all guests, wherever possible to pay by card or contactless methods. 

Are your team members being tested?  We are carrying out daily health checks before every team member starts a shift.  Anyone presenting symptoms is being asked to immediately self-isolate.

If someone who has visited or works at The Secret Feast becomes unwell what happens? If we become aware that a guest has subsequently become unwell then we will immediately follow government guidelines (see Track and Trace).

If we are subject to a local lockdown, will you close the restaurant? We will follow government and / or local authority guidelines to maintain the safety of guests, our employees and to protect local people.

How often are the toilets being cleaned? Toilet checks are being carried out by a designated member of staff every 20 minutes.  If you see any issues whilst using our facilities, please let your dedicated host know.

How are you ensuring utensils, glasses and crockery are clean? All crockery and glassware will be brought to the pod by your dedicated host, having been thoroughly cleaned at the correct temperature.

Track and Trace Requirements

How will you comply with data protection/GDPR rules and who will have access? The information will only be used to support the Government’s request for a “track and trace” process. It will be securely stored and only used if there is a need to check if a coronavirus outbreak has occurred (by us or the Public Health Authorities) and it will be destroyed after 28 days from the date of your visit.